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Wealth Advisors

Increasingly, Family Office practitioners, wealth advisors and traditional financial advisors whose clients collect and gift art are confronting the new reality of today’s art world: ownership challenges stemming from looting during wars, exploitation and colonialism, as well as from traditional liens and estate claims, can result in forfeiture of art and costly litigation.   Decades after an original purchase, art owners find that the art which they thought they owned was not theirs in the first instance.  

The standard of fiduciary care has risen.  Caveat emptor need not be accepted any longer as the inevitable basis for your client’s art transactions.  ARIS ATPI®, the world's first art title insurance, creates peace of mind for fiduciaries and owners alike in fine art transactions.   In addition, ARIS ATPI® can help to assure completed charitable gifting and completed tax events and can augment the appraised value of gifted art.

Art is forever, now so is ownership.   Let ARIS protect you and your art.